Dragon Fruit 'American Beauty' - 1 Plant - 1 Feet Tall - Ship in 6" Pot

Mimosa Nursery

Vietnamese Dragon Fruit Jaina

Live Plant with Good Root - 1 Feet Tall - Ship in 1 Gal Pot

The fruits produced by American Beauty Dragon Fruit are reddish-orange with green tips in color with a dark pink, delicious flesh inside that is edible and earthy. American Beauty is a wonderful mid yield, self pollinating variety, medium in size weighing on average 0.5 – 1.0 lbs. Easily adapted to a variety of growing conditions and soils, this beautiful night blooming cactus produces fruit best when allowed to climb on a burlap wrapped totem, trellis or your favorite tree. The huge 10-16 inch round flowers are highly fragrant and beautiful in form, usually lasting just one night.