Blueberry 'Pink Lemonade'- 1 Plant - 1 Feet Tall - Ship in 1 Gal Pot

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Blueberry 'Pink Lemonade'

Live Plants With Good Root -
(You Will Receive 1 nice Plant(s) in a 1 Gal Pot - 1 Feet Tall )

Some blueberry plants set fruit all at once, but that isn’t the case with ‘Pink Lemonade.’ It begins to set fruit mid- to late summer, producing one large first crop, then fruiting continuously through October. Mature fruits will be bright pink in color. ‘Pink Lemonade’ is twice as sweet as ordinary blueberries, which makes it delicious right off the bush. The berries are also great in desserts.

If you fall for the many charms of ‘Pink Lemonade,’ plant these blueberry bushes in a site with full sun. Although they grow in partial shade, the plants won’t give you much fruit.