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Woolly bush, Adenanthos
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(You Will Receive 1 Starter Plant - 6" Tall - Ship in 1 Gal Pot )

Sometimes the common name of a plant is so viscerally accurate, yet containing such poetry, that it seems as if it were "born" with that name. Such is the case for the tough evergreen shrub Adenanthos sericeus, known as woolly bush. Indeed, the silvery-green, feathery foliage is so luxuriously soft that it seems to add a new dimension to the experience of softness. (Cut to a movie set where the queen's skin is being caressed by a duster made of Adenanthos sericeus.)

The softness is due to fine hairs that line the needle-shaped foliage. This bush, which can reach 10 feet, may look delicate, but like most Australian natives, it's drought tolerant and tough as nails. While a bit of regular water will help maintain a verdant look, it can take periods of dryness. This versatile shrub also flowers. The crimson, tubular blooms are tiny, each an inch tall and slender, and appear at the base of the leaves in great numbers in late fall and winter, occasionally in the spring. The flowers are popular with pollinators.