Toothache Plant (Acmella oleracea) - 1 Starter Plant - Ship in 3" Tall Pot

Mimosa Nursery

Toothache Plant (Acmella oleracea) Live Plant With Good Root - Fresh From Our Garden1 Plant(s) Ship in 3" Tall Pot We do not ship to Northern California Address - Zip code 94***, 95***, 96*** Here's a novel plant to try in your garden. Toothache Plant is a medicinal herb that's been used for generations to manage the pain of toothaches. Both the leaves and the attractive golden flowers can be used as a natural anesthetic. Simply chew the leaves or flowers for a few seconds then you'll experience a tingling and numbing sensation in your mouth. An infusion or tincture made from the Toothache Plant is said to promote gum and throat health due to its strong antibacterial properties. Also called Spilanthes oleracea.