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Ribbon Bush, Centipede Plant, Tapeworm PlantLive Plants With Good Root (You Will Receive 1 Live Plants in ONE 4" Pot )

Homalocladium platycladum also known as Tapeworm Plant or Ribbon Bush is native to the Solomon Islands.
An odd curiosity plant that draws attention from its unusual flattened stems. It makes an interesting specimen in large pots. With upright growth habit to 8 feet, long wands of perfectly flat, jointed, fresh green leafless ½ inch wide stems, small, lanceolate leaves. Leafless in the blooming stage, Small greenish flowers at alternate joints followed by red berries (reportedly edible but not tasty). Long sometimes arching round canes develop as the plant matures.

The Tapeworm Plant is very drought tolerant . It will endure direct sun but looks better in a lightly shaded area as it is a darker green with the protection from the hot sun. While it can take regular irrigation it is surprisingly drought tolerant also it can handle high temperatures very well. A hardy evergreen to about 25F but can resprout from the base if it is damaged by lower temperatures.