Rattlesnake Plant- Calathea Lancifolia - 1 Plants - 4" Tall - Ship In 3" Pot

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Rattlesnake Plant- Calathea Lancifolia - 1 Plants - 4" Tall - Ship In 3" Pot is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Rattlesnake Plant Calathea Lancifolia Live Plant With Good Root - 4" Tall - Ship in 3" Pot Also known as Calathea lancifolia and by the more commonly known name, the Rattlesnake Plant. Popular for people wanting to achieve a tropical theme (with this species used as foliage). A plant native to Brazil where it thrives in warm and moist areas of the Brazilian Rainforest and blooms in the late spring and early summer months. What it Looks Like: A Rattlesnake plant is a fairly tall, with leaves that can grow 30 inches tall or more. The leaves don’t just make this plant tall though, it also contributes to its beauty.... They are beautifully marked with various shades of green, wavy edges that magnify those shades, and green spots that resemble small leaves. Even their undersides do not lack in magnificence, being a reddish-purple shade. Displaying: Because this plant is native to Brazil’s tropical climate where it is moist and warm, that is what it prefers. If your plant is exposed to cold or dry air (50ºF or 10ºC), there is a possibility that its leaves could start to droop or turn brown even though this is one of the most restraint plants when it comes to browning leaves. The Rattlesnake also prefers slight sandy soil that allows good water drainage. When you place this plant in your home, don’t put it in direct sunlight, because it will start to lose those beautiful green spots. The best place to put it would be in an indoor patio or in one of the rooms in your home near a window that doesn’t have the sun directly facing it. Care Level: This species is not that difficult to care for. However, if you mistreat it for too long (stop watering, let it get cold), it will stop thriving and might even die. One thing you should not do is use leaf shine products on Rattlesnake plants; it does more harm than good.