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Peppermint – Húng Cay
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Peppermint – Húng Cay
Vietnamese Name: Húng Cay

Common Culinary Name: Peppermint

Botanical Family & Name: Lamiaceae, Mentha Piperita

Vegetative Description: Simple, slightly toothed leaves, but slightly smoother than Spearmint.

Native Habitat & Ecology: Native to central, southern Europe & Asia

Tasting Note: A stronger, more bright mint taste than spearmint. Think “mint ice cream” flavor.

Culinary Uses: Eaten raw. Found on most common herb & salad plates. Used widely with spring rolls, salads, and almost anything family tradition dictates.

Medicinal Uses: Treatment for stomach ache & muscle relaxant. Popular flavoring for gum, toothpaste, ice cream & tea.