Liriope Variegated - Liriope muscari Variegata - 1 Plants - 6" to 10" Tall - Ship in 1 Gal Pot

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Liriope Variegated Liriope muscari Variegated

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(You Will Receive 1 Clump/Plants - Ship in 1 Gal Pot )

The Liriope 'Variegated', Liriope muscari 'Variegata', is by far one of the most popular liriope. It is also known as Liriope variegated lily-turf, so is, as its name implies, a variegated border grass!The grassy foliage is edged with creamy yellow. It has purple-blue blooms, similar to grape hyacinths, that appear on top the tidy 9 to 12" plants in early fall. The flowers are followed by very dark purple, almost black, berries. This 'Variegated' liriope is excellent for edging and ground covers; when planting, space 12-15" apart. The bright variegated leaves make a super edging plant that highlights partially shaded beds; brings a sense of light into darker plantings so when choosing a site, Variegated’ liriope works extremely well as a border plant, especially for edging around sidewalks.‘Variegated’ is one of the best choices for a care-free attractive ground cover. The only thing a gardener has to do with this wonderful plant is cut back old foliage in the spring! * Evergreen* Dwarf* Variegated foliage