King Palm - 1 Plant - 2 Feet Tall - Ship in 1 Gal Pot

Mimosa Nursery

King Palm Tree Live Plant With Good Root (You Will Receive 1 Plant - 2 Feet Tall in 1 Gal Pot) The beautiful King Palm tree, also known as the Alexandra Palm and the Alexander Palm, is a tropical to sub-tropical palm tree that thrives in the sunlight. The King Palm’s botanical name is Archontophoenix alexandrae and originates from Australia. The King Palm is predominately planted throughout southern California and Florida for their smooth crownshaft and green-colored trunk with rings. The King Palm can grow to heights of 40-60 feet with a spread of about 10 - 15 feet. This is a tall, handsome palm has a graceful appearance. The leaves are about 6-7 feet in length, are stiff pinnately compound feather-like fronds. Cold hardy to about 25 degrees F, the King Palm is rather fast growing. Enjoys bright light, rich and moist well drained soil. Mostly used outdoors, the King Palm also makes an excellent house plant if given the right environment.