Epiphyllum guatemalense - 1 Start Planter - 3" Long - Ship in 3" Pot

Mimosa Nursery

Epiphyllum guatemalense 1 Starter Plant - 3" Long - Ship in 3" Pot We do not ship to Northern California Address - Zip code 94***, 95***, 96*** Curly Locks (Epiphyllum guatemalense var monstrose) Also known as Curly Sue and Curly Kai this rare South American jungle epi is a natural mutated sport found on a straight stemmed mother plant. A little smaller than most, the unusual cactus has rich green, flat leaves that twist and curl like the arms of an octopus. Flowering only when rootbound, the small pink buds open into spidery 3 inch white blooms which then give way to juicy, edible red berries. Self pollinating. Needs a well-drained soil, dappled, bright light, regular watering/balanced fertilizer until winter. Switch to a blooming fertilizer and less water about February. *** Sorry We do not ship to Northern California due to some USDA restrictions