Bears Breeches Acanthus 1 Plant 8" to 1 Feet Tall Ship in 1 Gal Pot

Mimosa Nursery

Bear's BreechesAcanthus Live Plant With Good Root - Fresh From Our Garden (You Will Receive 1 Plants - 8" to 1 Feet Tall - Grow in 5 Gal pot but Ship in ONE 1 Gal Pot A majestic plant, bear's breeches is like a living sculpture in the garden. It offers sturdy spires of white or pink blooms with papery purple bracts that make a dramatic statement, as does the rich-green, spiny-looking foliage.The plants tolerate poor, dry soil once established but need regular moisture to get started. In well-drained soil bear's breeches can spread to become a large colony, but it is not invasive. *** Sorry We do not ship to Northern California due to some USDA restrictions