Abutilon 'Sunset' - Flowering Maple - 1 Plants - 3 feet Tall - Ship in 3 gal Pot

Mimosa Nursery

Abutilon 'Sunset' Flowering Maple - 1 Plants - 3 feet Long - Ship in 3 gallon Pot Live Plants With Good Root - Fresh From Our Garden A nice repeating combination of red and yellow. This looks like nothing more than the old “species” form of A. megapotamicum that was in the trade for years. In case we are wrong though, we will still use this name. The pendant flowers are held on long, wiry peduncles. Bright red sepals clasp narrow, tubular, flowers with constricted waist. The petals are a brilliant deep yellow, aging to apricot before falling. The central column is red with numerous yellow stamens. It can extend out of the petals about 1/2", for an overall flower length of about 1 1/2". Growth is light-textured, upright to spreading and scandent in habit, to 6-10'. This variety is excellent as a staked, trellised, or hanging basket subject.