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Galangal - Củ riềng

Live Plant with Good Root
(You Will Receive 1 Plant - 8" to 1 Feet Tall - Ship in 3" Pot)

Also known as galanga or blue ginger, galangal is a type of plant that is used in both culinary and medical uses in many parts of Asia, and originated from Indonesia and Hainan Island in China. It is used in various Asian cuisines such as Thai tom yum or tom khai gai soups, Vietnamese Hue cuisine, and in many different Indonesian dishes. It looks a bit like ginger, except it does not have the same taste. In its original, raw form, this plant has a very unique flavour. Galangal smells a bit like citrus, pines, and earthiness to it. Its flavour sort of tastes like that, but with a hint of cedar and saponins. Its flavour complements ginger (which so happens to be its relative), except galangal does not have that raw peppery heat that ginger is famous for.
It is a perennial herb that grows between 2' to 3' tall. Its leaves are about 10" long and has narrow blades. Its flowers are at the top of the plant, and are small, white, and streaked with a deep-red veining. Its rhizomes resembles ginger, and are tough and difficult to break. The best place to plant galangal is in soil that is both rich and moist. It should be planted in a shady position, and live in an environment that is free of frost as frost will damage the leaves. As a result, it is better to be planted in spring time. Galangal can be harvested almost any time
of the year.