Fish Mint (Herb) – Diếp Cá - 1 Plants - Ship in ONE 3" Tall Pot

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Fish Mint (Herb) – Diếp Cá
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(You Will Receive 4 Plans in ONE 3" Tall Pot - Very Rare To Find)

Fish Mint (Herb) – Diếp Cá
Vietnamese Names: Diếp Cá, Dấp Cá, Lá Giáp

Common Culinary Name: Fish Herb, Việt Fish Mint

Common Ornamental Names: Chameleon plant

Botanical Family & Name: Saururaceae, Houttuynia Cordata

Vegetative Description: Vietnamese edible variety is all green (non-variegated), unlike most ornamental “ex. Chameleon” varieties of the same botanical family. Leaf are slightly heart shaped, with small, white flowers.

Native Habitat & Ecology: Japan, Southern China, Southeast Asia

Tasting Note: Strong fish aroma.

Culinary Uses: Not commonly used in American-Vietnamese restaurant dishes because of the bold fishy flavors. But it is very popular in home dishes of grilled meats, fish soup dishes. Also, usually eaten raw in herb noodle salads and fresh home-made fresh spring rolls.

Medicinal Uses: Treat stomach aches, indigestion and swellings. Leaves are crushed to a paste to cure insect bites, rashes & itching